We had the privilege of hosting a great event to help our community get better acquainted with those who are committed to serve and protect us. The Pennsylvania State Police in collaboration with many law enforcement agencies and business organizations were represented. The turnout was more than anticipated with people traveling across states because there were employment opportunities. It was a great time for the Asian American community to understand what each branch of law enforcement does and what to do in certain situations. The state of Pennsylvania hopes to hire at least 260 new officers this year. It was fun for everyone, especially kids as they explored all the various displays and attractions that included special emergency response team vehicles, motorcycle units, K-9 units, forensics, fire department trucks and many more. Let’s not forget to take the opportunity to thank all those who serve in this capacity  for their courageous service.

Safety Departments participating include:
The Pennsylvania State Police
Liquor Control Enforcement
Philadelphia Police Department
Philadelphia Fire Department
Board of Probation and Parole
State Civil Service Commission
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Drug Enforcement Administration
– Delaware State Police
– New York State Police
– New Jersey State Police