Tuesday Night Prayer @ the Vine

March 25th • Vine Campus • 7pm

Every Tuesday night, Salt & Light Fellowship hosts an open time of praise & prayer at the Vine, providing a space for anyone (in or outside of the church) who wishes to pray or needs prayer to come together for each other and before God. Prayer is the means by which we praise God for who He is, ask Him for forgiveness, submit to His will, and thank Him for everything He’s given us, and through this, we also have the opportunity to bear each others’ burdens. It is a simple night of dinner/fellowship, praise, and communing with our heavenly Father. We recognize that people are unique with their own personal relationships with God, and that that influences their prayer and worship style, so we encourage everyone who comes to come “just as you are” and express themselves freely before God. Join us as we grow closer to Christ and build relationships with each other along the way. Interested? Questions? For more information, contact esm@cccnc.org.