Christian Education (CE) Annual Enrichment Series: Spiritual Gifts: God’s Way of Building His Church

CE Spiritual Gifts
Sunday • May 4th • Vine Campus • 1pm-3pm

How does God intend for His Church to be built?
What kinds of people does He use?
How can He use you?

The Bible’s teaching about spiritual gifts addresses all of these things. Unfortunately, many Christians have been bogged down in peripheral questions about a few specific gifts and have ignored the overall biblical teaching. In this presentation, we will try to survey the entirety of biblical teaching on this topic, going beyond just identifying and using your specific gift.

Dr. Jonathan Master serves as professor of theology and dean of the School of Divinity at Cairn University. He is also director of Cairn’s Center for University Studies. He was in pastoral ministry for ten years, and, in addition to his work at the university, is executive editor of the online magazine,”

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