We worship a God that restores.
Any restoration without Christ is incomplete. 

If you take a walk or drive around our neighborhood, you may notice things that may be a bit of an eyesore and signs of urban decay. There are the vacant lots and trestles around us. There are overgrown weeds and mounds of litter. We have personally experienced or seen our share of car break-ins and robberies. These are the things we associate with the city. It’s all a part of the mission.

When you look at things that are not the way they ought to be, what goes on in your heart?
I can’t help but ponder, what could be? What could bring about the flourishing of every person in our neighborhood and bring God the utmost glory?

The truth is, we’re not the way we’re supposed to be. Nothing in this world is.
Scripture makes clear that all humanity has fallen short of his glory. We continually give our hearts to and worship things less than God. However, the story does not end there. Scripture also tells us that there is a plan and a future. We know that God will not leave things this way. More importantly, he will not leave us this way. He will restore all things starting with our relationship with him and our very being through Jesus Christ. His good news changes everything and makes it possible for us to worship and glorify God. We now get to anticipate the remaking of the world and participate in his work.

Next time you see something that is not the way it ought to be, consider how Christ makes a difference and how you can participate in his work for his glory. Perhaps you’ll gain more insight as we dive in our new series through the books of Ezra-Nehemiah. We’ll learn more about how God restores and renews his people for his purposes.

2 Questions
What in your life needs restoration right now?
What around you needs to return or be restored to the glory that God had intended?



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