61th Annual Community/Church Carnival

61st Church Carnival

Saturday • June 21st • Spring Campus • Mitzie Mackenzie Playground • 5-9pm

A family friendly evening with a host of fun imaginative games and prizes. If you are looking for some new or gently used knick-knacks, we have some tables of second hand goods. We will also have a stage where members of our church and community provide some entertainment, but any fair or carnival is not complete without food. Imagine tea eggs and curry fishballs sitting alongside American staples like hamburgers and hot dogs. This one day event brings out our entire community for fun and good times!
HELP IS NEEDED! Contact Harry at 215-627-2360 x13 or hl_cccc@yahoo.com

“I grew up attending it as one of the kickoffs to the summer months. I remember looking forward to the end of the school year and looking at the Carnival as our community’s Big Party. Afterwards, the summer months were filled with tournaments, evening activities and Bible camp. All the kids would hang out in front of the gates in anticipation of the gates opening. There often was a stampede of kids running to play.

Mitzie started the Carnival in the 1950’s as one of the ways to share the love of Christ with our neighbors. Her use of the Playground as “the backdoor to the church,” continues today! The purpose hasn’t changed much, we want to provide a family atmosphere where simple games were created for the kids to play to win prize tickets to be redeemed for various toys and novelties. The cost of playing was always reasonable and everyone went home with something.

Although there has been a slow decline of the community workers and volunteers involved in our church and outreach programs, we still continue to faithfully serve and share the Good News to our immediate neighbors. The Carnival is one Center event that offers a non-threatening chance to meet new friends and reacquaint ourselves with the familiar. Come and share in the rich tradition, and fun atmosphere that the Carnival offers!” — Thanks, Harry