IMG_1559 Cropped 2Welcome!

We’re glad you found us here and appreciate the opportunity to let you know a little more about us.

CCCnC is a non-denominational Christian church in the Philadelphia Chinatown neighborhood made up of people from all over the region. You can read more about our story here.

The best part about CCCnC is the people, and I’m sure you’ll come love to them as much as I do. We don’t believe the church is a building or a set of programs. We believe people make up the church. You’ll find that we talk a whole lot about community here. We do make a great effort in being connected to one another and towards building up this community of believers to follow Jesus Christ into the world. Together, we’re always asking how can we be an expression of God’s love to our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, the city, and the world. In discovering the answers to that question and others like it, we have a lot of fun. We also eat a lot. After all, we are in Chinatown!

We believe that we’re not meant to journey through life alone or be isolated from one another. If you’re searching for answers to life, God, or a community to be a part of, I want to encourage you to visit us or connect with me. Together, we can discover God’s leading and his calling in your life. If CCCnC may not be the right place for you, we can also suggest other churches to be a part of. There are many great churches in the Philly area, and we want to help you find the best fit for you and your journey. Most of all, I want to help you, like many who are already a part of CCCnC, to be able to see God in the everyday and learn to be a community that increasingly reflects God’s grace through Jesus Christ.

When and if you do decide to come to one of our Sunday morning services, be sure to stick around for a few minutes afterward to speak to me or someone at our hospitality table. It’s a quick opportunity for you to meet us, ask questions and learn ways to get plugged in.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you soon!

Pastor LT