Guide to Worship

Guide to Worship

We are so glad you are here to worship with us together as a family. Because of Jesus, you belong to God’s family. When we gather together on Sundays, we worship God in many different ways. We will explain the different parts of worship here.


First, “What is Worship?”

Worship is anything you do in response to God for WHO HE IS and WHAT HE HAS DONE. Worship is not just what we do for an hour on Sunday mornings or singing songs. You can worship when you hangout with friends, even when you study or work. You can worship when you play video games. Does it mean that you are thinking about God while doing these things? Maybe. It’s also doing them in a way that honors God. When you are with your friends and you choose to honor God in your thoughts, conversations, and decisions because of what God has done for you and shown you, you are worshipping.

This is what we do when we gather together for worship.



This is simply a fancy way of saying, “music that is played before the service begins.” During this time, you may want to look at the worship bulletin to see what’s happening today. You can also take this time to pray for yourself and for the church to be open to what God wants to say to us this morning.


Call to Worship

We are invited to begin worship by hearing God’s word reminding us of WHO HE IS.


Songs of Worship

We will sing songs that declare WHO HE IS and what HE HAS DONE.



We give money not only to support the work of the church but we give to God because God has given so much to us. Everything we have comes from God.



We welcome each other as family with the peace that God has shown us. Remind someone that God loves them.



We share our joys and concerns for each other, our neighbors, our city and our world to God.


Scripture Reading

We read God’s word for the day.



Usually the Pastor talks bout the Scripture reading that was just read and explains what it means. We can learn about God’s love for us.


Song of Response

We will sing one more song in response to what we have just heard.


Welcome and Announcements

This is another way we can respond to WHO GOD IS and what HE HAS DONE. There are people we can get to know and opportunities in our church community that we can join in God’s work.



This is the end of the service and we are given a benediction by the pastor which means, a good word or a blessing so that we can know that when we leave, we leave with God’s promise to be with us.

Remember, worship isn’t just limited to Sundays from 9:15-10:30AM.

Worship involves all of your life, all the time.