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The Second Hour here at CCCnC consists of our Sunday School classes. The Second Hour directly follows the Sunday Worship Service and is designed to provide you with an hour of instruction in Christian Education through a variety of subjects and formats. Second Hour classes are available for every age group. Here are some offerings for this Summer season.


Adult Classes (New Classes Start September 14!)

CULTIVATING A KINGDOM-FOCUSED LIFE • Taught by Dr. Kyuboem Lee • Location: TBD

Life has many demands. Education, career, relationships, family, hobbies and interests, leisure… Religion and spirituality seem like one of the many items on our to-do list that often seems out of control. So can “normal” Christians who aren’t pastors or missionaries pursue a life of service in God’s kingdom? If so, how, and still have a life? These are the questions we will seek to address through our time together.

We will cover topics such as:
– The story of God’s kingdom and your place in it
– Kingdom perspective on your career and work
– The kingdom and your family
– The kingdom and your money

We hope to gain a deeper knowledge of God’s kingdom and our place and role in it through this class, and each make progress in our own journeys. May the Lord bless us and guide us. Click HERE to read more about Dr. Kyuboem Lee.

TEN+1: A SURVEY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT • Taught by Wayne Lee • Vine Sanctuary

Have you ever wondered why the God of the Old Testament seems different than the God of the New Testament? Have you found portions of the Old Testament that just didn’t seem to make sense? Have you wondered, as a Christian, if you even need to care about the Old Testament? TEN+1 is a 13 week survey course in which we will see how the Old Testament reveals God’s plan of redemption and why it is crucial to our understanding of Jesus, especially in his death and resurrection.

Baptism Class • Taught by Pastor LT • Vine Conference Room

Baptism is the next step in your spiritual journey if you have made the decision to follow Jesus. It is simply an outward expression of your inner commitment to God. If you are interested in taking this class, please contact Pastor LT (

Good Thinking! (Summer 2014) • Taught by Wayne Lee • Vine Sanctuary

We want results. When we take a test we want to see what we get. When we eat healthy and work out we want to see it reflected in the mirror and on the scale. When we work towards a goal we want to see progress. The same is true for our spiritual life. When we pray we want to see results. When we evangelize we want to see disciples being made. And when we are held accountable we want to see a decrease in sin. But what if we are thinking about it all wrong? What if the reason we don’t see results is because we are setting the wrong expectations? And what if the Christian life is different than what we always believed? This summer, we will be taking a look at how our thinking directly affects our behavior, and if we want to see results, we first need good thinking!


The Gospel of John • Taught by Dr. Timothy Hui • Vine Basement

The Apostle John wrote his Gospel to show that Jesus is both God and Messiah (Savior). He used only 7 miracles as signs in narratives, but he use long discourses to explain what those signs meant. Studying this book will help us deepen our appreciation of who Jesus Christ is.


Membership Class • Saturday March 1, 2014 • Vine Campus • 9am – 2:30pm

Becoming a member simply means that you are ready to commit to partner with the CCCnC community and our mission and vision. If you are interested in becoming a member of CCCnC or want more information about the process and procedures, please contact Pastor LT (


Children’s Classes



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